Palestinian Poet at the Point of Murder

Rubble, rubble
Fire and trouble 
The roof collapses
Vision goes double

The nose of a missile
Pierces my rib cage
Rib cage
Rip page 
Crushed bones blood and bile

My insides outside
Here in this holy moment 
With my murderer in the sky 

Rubble and trouble
My legs are now gone
So easy to burst a bubble
Break a body
Break of dawn

Nothing really matters
But still down the line
Spirits will scatter  
To free Palestine 

Goodbye and good riddance 
To this cheap thing called life
My poems cast spells to sever 
The cursed bonds of our strife

The Ethnic Enclaves Will Revolt

Come to the colonies
We’ll sing you a lullaby
You deserve all the freedom
And enough money to get by

Come to the colonies
To frolic and play
Declare independence 
Our passports have sway

Come to the colonies 
And dive into the dream
Drown in the illusion 
Be a part of our team

Come to our universities
Decolonize this and that
We’ll let you to write about it
While we bomb your cities flat

See all animals are equal
But some more than others
Terror from the skies 
On your sisters and brothers

Come to our colony
Your country’s a savage place
Here you’ll forget your worries
As we lay your motherland to waste

I Watch Qassam Videos to Kill the Pain

Petitions for the powerless
Running out of prayers
It’s been 101 days 
Of death and rebirth to witness
Mass graves for babies in Gaza
Watched over by ghosts from Baghdad

The West is the best at mass murder

The sorrow simmers over the fire
After 1001 nights
It slowly starts to smolder
Until a bitter ember, refusing to die
bursts into flames
Flames of rage that won’t subside
This is how terrorists are born
Our terror is a mirror
To the tyranny of Empire
Their energy transferred into to us
It cannot be created or destroyed 
But it’s nature can change 

Violence is never the answer
But theirs is an inquiry into death
How does one reason with a fleet of F-16s?
Or a barrage of hellfire missiles
Festooned with spinning blades?

In a world they built of us and them 
They try to burn ours to the ground
But they forgot
That from within its soil
The meek shall inherit the earth
Armed with homemade RPGs
And the will to live 

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